About Us

TAM technologies enables emerging technology companies to succeed by acting as an incubator. We focus on small to medium sized technology companies, and facilitate success through shared experience, shared resources and a seasoned management team. TAM technologies concentrates on building the critical infrastructure of our portfolio companies to scale the challenges of high growth and position them to be market leaders in the information technology industry.


We have professionals in Sales, Marketing, Strategy, HR,Operations, Legal, and Finance that provide strategic guidance for our portfolio companies. The TAM technologies Support Team is on hand to facilitate the growth process.

TAM technologies Support Team

Value-Added Partnership
TAM Technologies maintains a collaborative and supportive relationship with its portfolio. We work closely with our management teams to serve as an experienced resource,providing broad-based strategic, operational, and financial management services from our vast in-house team and substantial network of third-party relationships, including our world class Board of Advisors.

We are primarily focused on supporting the following technology areas:
Data Networking Products
Managed Services
Network Security
Network Design
Mobility Integration

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